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Customer cases hospitality chain

A hospitality company with a successful social media presence was looking for new ways to reach customers. De hospitality scene in de Randstad groeit immers in hoog tempo.
Solution: the company, a restaurant, started using SMS marketing to promote special occasions. SMS also provides a very personal contact with customers.

SMS goes directly to your customer. It creates a sense of priority and is therefore read quickly. Customers don’t have to log in to, for example, Facebook, or open their email first.

Communicatie met de klant bleek zeer effectief. This allows the restaurant to quickly gauge customer needs and then offer better service with the SMS marketing tool.

Results: Using SMS marketing, the hospitality company can reach more than a thousand people quickly and efficiently with messages, for less than the cost of one cocktail!

New restaurants are opening every day. But you can put your restaurant in the foreground just when a customer is looking for a place to eat.

The flexibility of SMS allows restaurants to engage and reach specific groups at specific times with information about upcoming events. Think happy hours, seasonal menus or performances by their favourite musicians in town.

You can reward your regular customers with mobile vouchers and personalised offers, such as birthday discounts.

Easy SMS marketing with the coVoIP SMS campaign tool. More flexible and at a lower cost than traditional marketing methods, your guests can get instant added value. You can also reduce the number of no-show bookings that are more expensive. All this increases your brand awareness.

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Customer cases Pest control

We work in pest control and serve both commercial and private customers. We do this with a fantastic team that aims to provide the best possible service.

The challenge: often our team finds out after arriving at a customer location that the customer has forgotten the appointment or has not left a key with a neighbour.

Consequence: wasted time, wasted fuel and the frustration of not being able to get on with the job.

Solution: We have started using the coVoIP SMS campaign tool, to send reminders to customers who reconfirm appointments.

What started out as a single used case for SMS, soon expanded into a variety of possibilities, follow-up service reminders, annual reminders for specialised cleaning services such as sewerage testing, gutter cleaning and pest (wasp) control, and even payment reminders.

Result: A significant reduction in downtime and therefore increased sales and a significant improvement in customer and employee satisfaction.

Simple, cost-effective marketing with SMS leads directly to better use of resources on the specialist work.

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