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grow your business with VoIP solutions

With our powerful VoIP infrastructure, we enable you as a reseller to offer your customers a telecommunications solution that fits the market of today and tomorrow.


Origination services

We offer worldwide, DID, Toll Free, Premium Rate, and Virtual Mobile SMS/ Origination services.


Termination services

International wholesale call routing via VoIP at competitive prices to more than 120 carriers worldwide


Global DID

⋅ In-Country Geo Numbers in more than 140 countries
⋅ 0800 Toll Free Numbers
⋅ Premium Telephone Numbers worldwide

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Origination services

We offer DID, Toll Free, Premium Rate and virtual mobile / SMS-origination services worldwide.

We are able to deliver this traffic via VoIP, with or without interconnects, international partnerships and various POPs in London, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.

We also maintain a constant stock of geographical and national telephone numbers. To provide you with an instant delivery of the services you require.

Termination services

We offer international wholesale call routing via VoIP at competitive prices to more than 120 carriers worldwide.

We offer direct routes and have agreements with many underlying carriers.

If you are interested in becoming a partner or if you want to know more, please contact us.

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Global did

  • In-Country Geo-dialing in over 140 countries, with voice for local, national and mobile with full in-country breakout and access to emergency services
  • 0800 toll free phone numbers in most regions of the world
  • Premium telephone numbers worldwide
  • Virtual mobile number in multiple countries worldwide, via interconnects and partnerships (voice and SMS enabled)