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International 0800 numbers universal

Universal International Freephone Numbers are also known as UIFN, 0800 numbers, Universal International Freephone Numbers

A UIFN is a single telephone number that can be called free of charge in several countries. With a UIFN, your company can therefore build an international presence.

With an UIFN you can advertise worldwide with one phone number, instead of individual numbers per country. One number is activated to receive calls from a desired destination. You can choose where to use your universal phone number in our global coverage overview.

One and the same UIFN improves the customer experience, as customers benefit from having to call only one worldwide toll-free ‘standalone’ number, instead of multiple numbers.


What are international 0800 numbers?

A Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) allows a customer of the International Freephone Service (IFS) to have a unique toll free number that is the same all over the world. A UIFN consists of a three-digit country code for a global service application, namely 800, followed by an 8-digit Global Subscriber Number (GSN), resulting in an 11-digit fixed format. (An IFS caller must dial an international prefix before the UIFN).

The telecommunications agency ITU has been requested to perform the task of Registrar for the UIFNs, which is responsible for processing registration applications and assigning the GSN part of the UIFN in accordance with the (new) ITU-T Recommendation E.169.1 and the (revised) Recommendation E.152 , “International Freephone Service”.

coVoIP will arrange all formalities for the registration and activation of a Universal International Freephone Number (UIFN) with the ITU.