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What is SIP trunking?

and why choose an SIP trunk?

A common question is the meaning and advantages of SIP trunking. What is a SIP trunk and why should you choose one? SIP stands for ‘Session Initiation Protocol’. A telephone connection that connects the existing telephone exchange with the public telephone network via the Internet. This means that incoming and outgoing call lines no longer run through the traditional ISDN telephony network, but through your own internet connection.


Many companies are already using SIP trunking


Why choose a SIP trunk?

The big advantage for a company is that the number of simultaneous calls via SIP trunk is unlimited. In addition, with a SIP trunk, large savings can be achieved. Not only on the subscription costs, but also on the call costs. For example, you no longer pay per channel but per telephone number and mutual calls with colleagues at different locations are handled free of charge.


Connecting Sip Trunking

Each modern telephone exchange can be linked to a SIP trunk, provided the data or internet connection has sufficient capacity. You keep your current telephone and fax number and remain accessible through the SIP trunk!

Quickly activate your unified communications strategy with our Global SIP network and better serve your customers in markets not covered by your own network.

Integrate our SIP trunks and telephone numbers into any VoIP-enabled app. Connect instantly and securely from over 500 locations worldwide and all major cloud environments. We are never far away.

Contact centres

The SIP Trunk from coVoIP is ideal for handling large volumes of telephone traffic, for both incoming and outgoing calls.


Connect your telephone system to the SIP Trunk of coVoIP and call at the lowest possible cost. Our connection is of top quality.


Connect your telephone system to the powerful coVoIP SIP Trunk and send all your incoming and outgoing traffic via coVoIP. Save significantly on fixed and variable costs.