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With our powerful VoIP infrastructure, we enable you as a reseller to offer your customers a telecommunications solution that fits the market of today and tomorrow.

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coVoIP DID Origination Services makes your business globally present, with a local presence.

We understand your international needs. We make it as easy for foreign customers to reach you as it is for people in your own community to reach you on a local call.

With DID’s or local numbers (also known as geographic and virtual numbers), you are able to enter new markets and create new opportunities. With numbers available in over 140 countries worldwide, coVoIP can help your business have the look and feel of a local (in-country) office everywhere, without the cost.

Through our own infrastructure, coVoIP can set up your local numbers using Voice over IP (VoIP) or the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), and configure them to call your PBX, landline or mobile phone. Anywhere in the world.


What kind of telephone number do you need?

At coVoIP we stock many telephone numbers regionally and internationally.

020 number for Amsterdam region
043 number for Maastricht region
030 number for Utrecht region
You can only purchase business telephone numbers from the region where your company or branch office is located.

Choose how many numbers you need. We sell VoIP numbers individually or in a series of 10 or even 100 telephone numbers. This allows you, for example, to give your employees in different departments in your company a direct number. With a range of numbers your company is also prepared for growth.

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Business phone numbers

coVoIP offers different types of business telephone numbers. With the ideal VoIP solution your company will get the look that suits it. We have phone numbers in stock from every region. For example, you can choose a 030 and 010 phone number, in the Netherlands. Does it not matter to your customer in which region your company is located? Then you can choose a nationwide VoIP phone number: a 085 or a 088 number.

You can request a VoIP number at coVoIP!

If you already have a business telephone number for your company, we can of course take it over.